Some recent jobs.

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1977 Mercedes W124 300 Diesel.

Rims weren't dinged up, but they needed attention.

Good wash, sanding, primer, silver, then clear coat.

Buff job for the body and an interior valet made this car look new.

Clear coat was totally ruined on the fibreglass roof. Also, much of the van was covered with tape residue.

I wanted to keep the original decals, as Airstream is a well known brand.

Silver tends to be very forgiving, so the new paint around the decals looks awesome.

Renewed to former glory.

Found a B2600, fading in Yokohama.

The paint under the haze was excellent.

Picked up a set of good white letter tires.

I was proud to make this little truck happy again!

There's a lot of internet love for the MX6, but this one was in need of a new home and saviour.

It came with a an extra set of rims, which is good, since there were still studded snow tires on it in July. But the new rims clear coat had all gone flakey.

Two tone taping takes a while, but I knew the results would be worth it... I went with gold for the silver sections, as the top grade MX6 would have originally had gold alloys.

Body buff and these rims totally transformed this car. There was something beautiful waiting there the whole time.

The interior was spick and span, but the owners must have parked this under a pollution tree or something.

Started with a pressure wash and a thourough soaping, then onto a buff job.

If the roof isn't totally clean, it will all be for nought the next time it rains. Dirt will drool right down the side of your freshly cleaned paint.

We advertised this camper online for less than 6 hours before its next owner snapped it up!

Again, the clear coat on the fibreglass roof had burnt up in the sun.

The dark green absorbed a lot more heat than a lighter colour would have, so it really needed a lot of sanding down before a smooth surface could be established.

I was careful to maintain the original two tone lines on the roof.

This particular camper was never going to be perfect, but it sure did improve to a very presentable level.

I was delighted to find this short wheel base Pajero. We had them here under the name Dodge Raider, although not with a Diesel engine.

It hadn't been licensed for over 6 years, and clearly hadn't been washed for longer than that.

I did a two stage compound and polish. It got colour back into the decals and lustre back into the paintwork.

Some fender flares and an excellent set of 17" rims and tires really modernized and toughened up the look of this 4x4.

This is a car that I brought to Halifax for my very own. It did need a good cleanup after 6 weeks on a ship.

It started out as a lovely little car, but I really wasn't into the rims, so I picked these up. Pretty rough, but for $100, I figured I'd give them a shot.

This particular time, I used a stripping agent to get the old paint off. Primed, sanded with 800 grit, silver wheel paint and clearcoat made them look new.

Yes, man! Give me sweet 16"'s over fiddly 14"'s any day.

Sometimes to do the job right, you have no choice but to strip the interior out.

Kids and dogs can do a number on any interior, but if it's a light colour, it's going to show up even more.

Years of hands closing doors will build up sticky residues.

With all the salt soaked and scrubbed out of the floor mats, even they can come back pretty well.

Using some special soaps and a custom brush, I can wick the grime out of the seats almost as well as a steam cleaner, but with a lot more control over how much water gets into the foam.

This interior brushed up much better than I expected.

From nose to tail, the inside of this car is presenting itself so, so well.

When the owner came to collect it, she was literally amazed at the differece. She honestly never thought she would see her car this clean again.

A lot of Chrysler paint from the late 90's and early 2000's had an adhesion problem.

This was a challenging job that I probably wouldn't have taken on if the van hadn't been white.

Using colour coded spray cans, I was able to bring a near showroom shine back to this car. This is pre clear-coat.

The moment of truth: When the client came to pick up his camper, he asked me where I had done the painting.

An Autozam Carol Turbo that I tidied up. This one is on it's way to Canada now.

A superb Alfa Romeo 916 Spider 3.0L that I wet sanded and buffed to a mirror like shine.

The inside of this ex-electrician's van was absolutley shocking before I pulled it all apart and brought it back.

An odd camper van, full kit inside but a normal roof height. Shined up to like new before selling it on.
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